UAE-Pakistan Ticket Prices Soar Due to Huge Demand

Pakistani expatriates returning from the UAE for the Eid holidays are currently looking at ticket rates soaring as high as Dh. 8,000 for some one-way flights.

Certain airlines are now charging nearly Dh. 1,000 to Dh. 2,000 for flights from Dubai to Karachi while Emirates’ rates for the same route are over Dh. 3,000. Additionally, Lahore, which has fewer direct flights from Dubai, has similar airfares, and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is charging between Dh. 1,800 and Dh. 2,000 for the same.

While it is not uncommon for airlines to increase fares during the peak summer travel phase, rates are very high between these routes.

A South Travels DMCC agent stated, “Most Economy seats are sold out and only the higher-priced options are available now”.

“There will be some respite by the end of the month, but a full return to normal fares will only happen by September end,” the agent added.

flydubai runs flights from the UAE to Karachi, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, and Sialkot, and announced that its flights to Pakistan have returned to pre-pandemic levels.

“Pakistan is an important market for flydubai, with a combined frequency of 75 weekly flights,” its spokesperson said.

Most flights one-way will cost between Dh. 300 and Dh. 800 by the end of July as more airlines return to full capacity, and average fares will drop further by the last week of September, with most airlines charging around Dh. 360 for flights.

PIA has been expanding its operations steadily in accordance with demands and announced that it will launch connecting flights between Karachi and Lahore to Doha from July onwards.

First and Business class flights to Pakistan have become costlier after the government levied taxes on luxury services. Subsequently, Federal Excise Duty (FDA) on all First and Business class tickets has gone from Rs. 10,000 (Dh. 180) to 50,000 (Dh. 900) from 1 July.

However, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif recently approved a reduction in FED on Club, Business, and First class international air tickets in the federal budget 2022-23 from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 30,000 (Dh. 532).

It is noteworthy that at least half of Pakistan’s travel market is for Umrah and Hajj, followed by flights to and from the Middle East, while Business travel constitutes a much smaller portion.