Bike Makers Seek Govt’s Approval to Manufacture Plastic Body Bikes

Bike makers and industry stakeholders have sought the government’s approval to produce plastic-bodied bikes due to the rising cost of metal.

Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers (APMA) Chairman, Muhammad Sabir Shaikh, told the media that government must consider allowing small manufacturers to make plastic-bodied scooters in partnership with Chinese bike makers.

He highlighted that Pakistani companies can work in tandem with Wuxi and Chongqing-based manufacturers to produce cheaper bikes under technical collaboration agreements (TCAs).

In Pakistan, people always opt for cheaper transport and motorcycle is one such option. Therefore, the government should engage with the Chinese government and invite investors from (the Chinese) bike industry to invest in Pakistan.

He argued that the rising cost of metal has driven up the manufacturing cost of bikes. The bike makers have no choice but to shift the burden onto the customers, which has placed bikes out of reach for a majority of buyers, he lamented.

Shaikh added that Pakistani bike manufacturers can also benefit from large volume and low-cost production if the government appeals to Chinese manufacturers of plastic bikes.

Published by
Waleed Shah