FTO Directs FBR to Install Mobile Scanners at Chaman

While conducting an own-motion investigation relating to the installation of weighbridges at Customs Station Chaman, the Federal Tax Ombudsman has observed that till the installation of a proper scanning facility under the Integrated Transit Trade Management System (ITTMS) Program, mobile scanners should be installed to avoid the instances of misdeclaration of cargo.

A new weighbridge had been notified by the DG (Transit Trade) Karachi with directions that weighment reports from the new weighbridge viz Halting Station Chaman would be acceptable to Customs Authorities in exclusion of the existing two weigh stations viz Afghanistan handling Chaman.

FTO asked Revenue Division Secretary for comments and accordingly, the Directorate of Transit Trade Quetta informed that National Logistics Cell (NLC) Terminal Operator at Chaman had been unable to provide space infrastructure and weighbridge required for processing of Afghanistan-bound transit cargo due to disruption caused by the ongoing ITTMS, therefore, Directorate was constrained to process such forward transit cargo under an ad-hoc arrangement at halting station Chaman.

In order to improve custom controls at the halting station, the operator was required to improve facilities at the premises including the provision of a proper weighbridge.

The relevant authorities authorized the installation of a weighbridge to the owner of the halting station on profit sharing basis and accordingly a proper weighbridge had been installed where Customs supervision was easily possible.

Before that, weighment of transit cargo was being carried out at two privately owned weighbridges located 7 to 8 km away from the halting station which made supervision impossible. In view of the above, no maladministration had been committed by the Transit Directorate. It was also evident that the department has got weighment and examination yard established just next to the friendship gate at Chaman Border which was physically supervised by Customs.

Since there was no maladministration, the investigation was disposed of with the FTO’s directions to FBR to make immediate efforts for installing mobile scanners temporarily at halting station Chaman till the operationalization of ITTMS at Chaman.

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