Ministry of IT to Formulate New Policy on AI

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) has decided to formulate a policy on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Insiders said that it has sought suggestions from experts regarding the policy. AI experts will give suggestions to the ministry, after which a preliminary draft of the policy will be prepared.

MoITT officials revealed that the purpose of devising a policy on AI is that the government wants to invest in the development and adoption of this sector to secure its benefits for the economy and society. The government also wants to provide facilities to the private sector through the policy so that it can invest in the AI sector.

Development in the AI sector requires steps to encourage the youth to take courses in Big Data, Machine Learning, Robotics, and other similar courses. Therefore, the policy will entail steps that will encourage educational institutions in this direction, the sources said.

AI experts believe that the government is progressing in the right direction. AI has become indispensable in every field, which is why the world is rapidly moving toward it. After Canada, China, America, and Japan, even India has created national strategies to promote the use and development of IA.

Many sectors in Pakistan have started using AI, such as vehicle e-challans through the Safe City cameras, experts said. Additionally, a sixty percent increase is expected in this sector in the coming years due to the adoption of automation systems by companies.