Samsung Launches Repair Kits to Help You Fix Your Phone

Samsung and iFixit have launched a self-repair program that will allow people who own Samsung phones to buy replacement parts for their devices. This includes Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 lineups along with Tab S7 Plus.

Components of the Repair Kit

Back in March, the company announced the launch of the self-repair program and made it happen this month. For these three models, the repair kits are available for the screen, battery, charging port, and back glass. Standalone batteries are not included in these kits.

iFixit Galaxy page provides stepwise instructions for repairing these phones. You can start it by selecting your phone’s model. The repair kits consist of generally the same tools except for some product-specific parts. It includes suction handles, iFixit Opening tools, tweezers, and a bit driver.

The interesting part is that these kits come with a free return label which will help you to dispose of the old parts properly. iFixit has also given instructions for the disposal of lithium-ion batteries which can explode if thrown into the trash.

Quick Repair for Beginners

Samsung has provided a manual that helps users in fixing their devices. For beginners, this manual is really helpful since the repair is a little tough. iFixit also agreed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s screen and battery replacement could take a lot of time. Therefore, the instructions mentioned will help you see every detail.

The company has provided other options as well. You can send your device to a repair shop if you’re not able to fix it by yourself. You can visit Samsung’s store locator to find an authorized repair shop. Before bringing it in, don’t forget to turn on Repair Mode.

Prices of the Repair Kits

The prices for the S20 and S21 series’ kits are almost the same. The price of the charging port is $66.99 and the glass kit is $76.99 except for the base S21 model which is $66.99. The display and battery kit price varies depending upon the models. The starting price for the base S21 is $167.99 whereas the S21 Ultra repair kit costs $239.99.

The prices for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet is higher than the phones. The black glass and battery assembly cost $86.99 and the charging port for $66.99. The price for the display kit is $226.99.

The repairing options are limited to a few devices. The announcement says that Samsung has planned to launch the repair kits for other models as well but the date is not decided yet. We will have to wait till the exact date is revealed.

via TechRadar

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