Vegetable Prices Falling After Imported Stock Reaches Local Market

The price of vegetables has started to stabilize in the local markets after the supplies from neighboring countries including Iran and Afghanistan have started reaching Pakistan.

Daily Dawn, while mentioning the rate list of Islamabad’s Sunday Bazar, has highlighted that tomatoes are currently being sold at Rs. 180 per kg, while the price of onions stands at Rs. 440 per 5 kg.

The prices of other vegetables have also started to recede after skyrocketing during the last few weeks. The potatoes are sold at Rs. 340 per 5 kg, garlic at Rs. 220 per kg, lemons at Rs. 236 per kg, peas at Rs. 240 per kg, and green chilli at Rs. 252 per kg.

It is pertinent to mention here that the prices of several vegetables shot up to exorbitant levels after the flood wreaked havoc on the crops. During the last week of August, the price of one kg of onion surged to as high as Rs. 350 in the open market, while the tomatoes were available at Rs. 300 per kg.

However, to cope with the worsening situation, the government decided to import vegetables from Iran and Afghanistan to meet the local demand and ensure price stability.

  • Many other products such as all sort of foods / cars / bikes / cosmetics/ electronics items etc etc. should be imported so that the high prices and monopoly of the local products is defeated and the prices comes down and is in the reach of the common citizens

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