More Than Half of Pakistanis are Against Getting Indian Aid for Flood Victims

Gallup Pakistan released a survey of public opinion, revealing that 82 percent of the people of Pakistan support receiving international aid for the flood victim. The survey further disclosed that only 43 percent of the participants agreed to receive aid from India, while 57 percent of people opposed it.

1,000 people participated in the recent survey by Gallup Pakistan, which was conducted between 1 and 16 September 2022.

Additionally, 57 percent of the participants said that they will be participating in the donation and relief programs themselves.

A huge majority, 81 percent, of the participants believed that the worsening of floods was a result of climate change. 

Another survey, conducted by the multinational market research and consulting firm, Ipsos, revealed that 66 percent of Pakistanis believe that the next monsoon season will also bring a similar level of destruction. The survey also revealed that at least 50 percent of the nation believes that floods are a threat to the country, while around 10 percent of them perceive floods as a personal threat. 

However, in the Ipsos survey, only 20 percent of the participants believed that the floods were a result of climate change.

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