KP to Announce Lots of Jobs Under Sehat Card Program

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) health department officials revealed that the department is planning to hire additional people for the Sehat Card Plus (SCP) program in order to improve hospital assessment and evaluation while effectively responding to patient concerns.

The initiative began in 2015 by offering free medical care to three percent of the people in four selected regions, with the goal of progressively expanding to the entire province by 2020.

Despite the manpower constraints and the health department’s complaints about it, the program proceeded to add new hospitals to its panel in response to the growing number of people receiving free health care not just in KP but across the country as well.

Dr. Aamir Rafiq Khattak, the SCP’s Director of Empanelment, revealed that the policy board, which is made up of top professionals, has authorized an outline in which 76 new personnel, including physicians and support staff, would be hired on a contract basis.

He indicated that the new employees were required owing to increased workload because the program served the 9.5 million people of KP and newly-merged districts.

There are 1,100 hospitals on the program’s panel in total, which include 192 in KP, where those with local CNICs are eligible to free care.

He went on to say that there are currently only 20 staff members that are overwhelmed with work, which is why they need more manpower.

He further remarked that more people are needed to keep operations running properly, as well as for the assessment of the functioning of the institutions currently on the panel and patient concerns.

Published by
Asma Sajid