New COVID-19 Cure Set to be Tested in Pakistan

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has begun clinical trials on Monday to evaluate the efficacy of a plant-based natural anti-viral nasal spray called Xlear, which was manufactured in the United States (US), to treat Pakistan’s COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Isaac John, the Founder and CEO of Metanoic Health Limited and Associate Director of Research and Development at the United Kingdom (UK)’s Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Dr. Meera Nadir, a Clinical Researcher from the same institute, organized and oversaw the trial.

On the same day, a training session for UHS researchers was organized in this respect. Dr. John informed the researchers about the trial’s parameters.

Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore, the university’s Vice-Chancellor (VC), stated on this occasion that our staff will gain from the expertise of British professionals in development and research.

In cooperation with Lahore General Hospital, the trial will assess the nasal spray’s effectiveness. The second phase of the clinical trial will include up to 80 volunteers.

The UHS research team will operate under the charge of the VC and Prof. Saqib Mahmood, the Director of Research.

 The Xlear spray with Xylitol cleans out the respiratory system. It hydrates and relaxes the sinuses and nasal passageways while also functioning as a nasal cleanser.

For over a decade, the spray has been available for sale in the European Union (EU) and North American countries. 

Although it is a relatively risk-free anti-viral medication, it has not been assessed for COVID-19 yet. The clinical trial is expected to be finished in January 2023 and might be revolutionary in treating COVID-19 if successful. 

XLEAR, an American company, is funding and sponsoring the experiment.