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This App Turns Apple Watch Into An Underwater Computer

The Apple Watch Ultra was announced last September as a highly durable and ruggedized version of the regular Apple Watch. During its launch, Apple showed off the Watch Ultra diving into water, flaunting its remarkable water resistance.

Now Apple is introducing the Oceanic+ app for the smartwatch, which will turn it into a diving computer.

The Apple Watch Ultra can be submerged up to 40m deep and employs its depth gauge and water temperature sensors to collect additional data. Oceanic+ will add on to that to offer divers a wide range of pertinent information. It was created by Huish Outdoors in collaboration with Apple.

It will show divers an estimated time it will take to reach the surface and they may also use compass directions. In addition, divers may also utilize a planner that takes tide, temperature, visibility, and currents into account before going on a dive. The included watch faces will also show no-fly time, surface time, and other information.

During a diving session, the diver will be notified of any crucial information using the Taptic Engine and the Apple Watch Ultra’s big, bright display. Keep in mind that you must have WatchOS 9.1 and an iPhone 8 or newer running iOS 16.1 in order to use Oceanic+.

You can pay $5 for a day, $10 for a month, or $80 for a year to fully unlock the app. In addition to the free version, you can also purchase a family license for $130 per year. Not to mention, an Apple Watch Ultra costs a whopping $799 at the time of writing, which is just as much as some flagship phones these days.

So if you are willing to sell your organs, the Apple Watch Ultra can be yours alongside the Oceanic+ app.

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Aasil Ahmed