Students Protest Against Rising Sexual Harassment Cases in Bacha Khan University

Students at the Bacha Khan University Charsadda (BKUC) protested against the administration against heavy fines and on-campus sexual harassment cases.

Students also took control of the university’s central gate and chanted slogans against the vice chancellor (VC) and other officers. Students and teachers were held captive inside the varsity building during the protest.

The police tried to calm the students by holding negotiations. However, the police was unable to reach an agreement. Protesting students demanded that the BKUC VC hold talks at the central gate.

Protesting students also made serious allegations of sexual harassment against BKUC management, claiming that female students felt unsafe in the university.

On the flip side, VC BKUC Bashir Ahmad stated that some students were fined for harassing girls in the pharmacy department. In order to brush the incident under the carpet, they protested against the university.

He stated that he had not yet authorized the imposition of fines on these students. Ahmad stated that the chief of the department imposed fines on these students.

Published by
Haroon Hayder