Islamabad Airport Officer Caught Taking Bribe in Exchange for Drug Smuggling [Video]

Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) personnel have been caught red-handed at the Islamabad International Airport asking for a bribe from a passenger for allegedly allowing him to smuggle drugs in his luggage.

A video of the incident has gone viral, showing an ANF employee requesting the passenger to take one of two shopping bags, allegedly loaded with drugs, on his journey.

However, the passenger insists on taking both shopping bags. Following that, the ANF official asks the passenger if he will favor him in some way (bribe), to which the passenger agrees. Then, the ANF official asks the passenger to show his passport.

Not only that, but the ANF employee accompanies the alleged narcotics smuggler to the next counter, guiding him to inform others that he was detained for a body search. Another ANF officer, as seen in the video, expects foreign currency as a bribe from the passenger at the next counter, but the traveler informs him that he does not have any.

Furthermore, another ANF worker, Asim, as his uniform name implies, asks the passenger how much money he intends to give them. As a result, the passenger hands over some money, and the ANF officer instructs him not to go right away and to wait for a few minutes to avoid any suspicions.

ANF Takes Notice of the Incident

In a recent development, the ANF has taken notice of the incident and constituted a high-level investigation committee.

In a statement issued on social media, the ANF announced that the personnel involved in the bribery act will remain suspended until the investigation is completed.

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  • What’s new? Like they don’t know bribe started from main car parking. I personally complained about security to their sitting officer at Alama iqbad airport and he was like “koi baat nhi ye dobara nhi mangy ga”. Targets are mostly simple people.

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