PIA’s Saudi Arabia Bound Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Karachi

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Jeddah-bound flight made an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport Karachi due to a technical flaw.

The pilot of the PIA’s PK-741 flight communicated the issue with the control tower and requested permission to make an emergency landing at Karachi airport. Subsequently, the flight landed safely and passengers were moved to the transit lounge.

In this regard, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a statement. It said that the technical issue had been resolved after engineers detected a problem with the airplane’s backup system, the rear air turbine.

Recently on 3 December, another Jeddah-bound flight of Serene Air made an emergency landing at Karachi airport after developing a technical fault.

The cabin pressure system of the Serene Air flight, ER-811, failed shortly after takeoff from Karachi. The incident occurred at a height of about 3,000 feet, CAA revealed.

The pilots landed the plane at Karachi airport safely. After the emergency landing, almost 200 passengers were transferred to the airport’s transit lounge.

As a result, the CAA launched an investigation into the matter and promised harsh punishment for the airline’s technical crew if found guilty.