IT Ministry Increases Cost of Bootcamp Training Project to Rs. 4.151 Billion

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has revised upward the cost of the “High Impact Bootcamp Training Project” by over 22.5 percent from Rs. 3.385 billion to Rs. 4.151 billion, officials documents revealed.

As a pilot project, High Impact Skills Bootcamps for certain critical new ICT technologies will be established through service providers on the train-the-trainer concept at different locations in Pakistan. Each training track would be supervised by highly qualified instructors from world-renowned bootcamp organization(s), preferably from Silicon Valley.

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The ministry is of the view that most universities have been unable to timely update curricula or mobilize resources to cope with the rapid demand for certain emerging technologies. The eventual benefits of such skills development will result in the export of high-value services required by demanding international markets.

Specialization Domains

  1. Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Development
  2. Full-Stack Software Development and Cloud computing
  3. Block Chain Technology
  4. Cyber Security


The project aims to meet the rapid demand for certain critical technologies like Cloud Computing, Data Sciences (Al, ML), and Blockchain by presenting some concrete recommendations for scaling up the government’s efforts to uplift the knowledge skills base. The eventual benefits of such skill development will result in the export of high-value services required by demanding markets like the US.

Initially, 200 people will be trained on emerging under the supervision of world-class experts from well know organizations providing ICT trainings.

The program is in progress i.e. halfway through. The first batch of Cyber Security & Cloud Native Computing training has been completed.

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