UAE’s Same Day Visit Visa Renewal Service in Dubai Proves a Hit

Thousands of visitors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are benefiting from the same-day visit visa renewal service, currently being offered by several travel agents in the Emirates.

Speaking about the same-day renewal facility, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of, Raheesh Babu, stated that approximately 600-800 people use the air-to-air renewal facility in Dubai each day.

He noted that, presently, Flydubai and Salaam Air are offering this service at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 2, where people can either opt for same-day visit visa renewal or have a day-long stay in a country nearby and then return to the UAE in order to change their visa status.

Raheesh further remarked that same-day visit visa renewal is a four-hour long process and visitors have to wait at a nearby country’s airport until the visa is renewed. He added that they can, subsequently, return to UAE after four hours complete and their visa has been renewed.

The rule that requires visitors to exit UAE after their visa expires came into effect in December 2022. Prior to this, they were allowed to extend their stay permits while remaining in the country.

However, before coronavirus restrictions, visit-visa holders had to exit UAE in case of visa expiry but UAE temporarily changed the policy on humanitarian grounds and now it has readopted the same old policy after worldwide relaxation in travel restrictions.

Published by
Salman Ahmed