Punjab Announces Scholarships for Young Squash Players Under New Talent Hunt Program

The Punjab Squash Association (PSA) is set to launch National Talent Hunt 555 to rejuvenate the game of squash in the country. The innovative program will be dedicated to the legendary squash player Jehangir Khan in order to honor his services for squash.

The Punjab Squash Association (PSA) has recently announced a National Talent Hunt (NTH) 555 aimed at identifying and developing young squash players in the region.

The program, which will be launched in the near future, is expected to bring out 500 young players from Punjab in just 5 months and 1000 players in a year. The initial phase of the NTH 555 will focus on the Lahore Division, where 100 players will be selected. The trials will also be held in other regions of Punjab afterward.

The PSA has also formulated a schedule for the year, including events for U-11, U-13, U-16, and U-19 boys, as well as a tournament for girls. The aim of these tournaments is to give the young players an opportunity to showcase their talent and compete against their peers from other regions.

The PSA has also kept international events and leagues in view while making the calendar, in order to give the players a chance to test their skills against international opponents.

One of the key highlights of the NTH 555 is the inclusion of the top 3 players in the team of Punjab and the scholarships that will be provided to them. This will help the players in honing their skills and reaching new heights in the sport.

The NTH 555 will focus on school and college-level players and the association hopes to discover new talent and contribute to the development of squash in the region.

The PSA has been working hard to revitalize the sport in Punjab, and the NTH 555 is just one of the many initiatives that the association has undertaken to achieve this goal. With this initiative, the PSA is confident that it will be able to achieve its objectives and bring back the golden days of squash in the region.