Earning an Extra Income with Careem Can be More Fruitful than an Entry-Level Job

The year 2022 hasn’t been a very economically beneficial year for Pakistan. With the sharp incline in fuel prices and the unforeseen currency devaluation, most Pakistanis are left with no savings. No one can deny that this is the time to not just be prudent, but also increase the means of income.

Side-hustling has become very popular as it lets you earn a side income which in some cases is more than an entry-level position. According to some reports, Pakistani freelancers attracted export remittances of nearly 400 million in the fiscal year 2022. The liberty of working when you want as your own boss seems quite exciting.

Careem is a very popular name when it comes to earning a side hustle as well as earning a livelihood. As per a press release, Pakistani citizens (Careem Captains) have earned more than 500 million in Pakistan since the company entered Pakistan in late 2015. Just during September 2022, a Careem Captain named Rajab Ali earned PKR 216,000.

Here is a video of what he had to say about this:

Now that we have acknowledged that being a Careem Captain is not only a very respectful way of earning an income, let us have a look at what benefits you can enjoy if you register yourself as a Captain.

We reached out to the company and asked if there is anything that can be a motivating factor to work as a Captain, and we were surprised by the deals and discounts that Captains get.

Deals & discounts for Careem Captains
JS Bank Limited
Discounted interest rate for Car loan as low as 4% against the market rate of 22%

Valid Till: MAY 2023

Chevron Pakistan Lubricants
Discount on Lubricants (upto 12%) Across Pakistan

Valid Till: March 31st, 2023

GOPL (Gas and Oil Pakistan Limited)
Discount on lubricants + fuel K,L,I,R

Valid Till: Dec 2023

Dawai (Dawaai Pvt Ltd)
Discount on medicines Across Pakistan

Valid till: June 2023

Krave Mart
Discount on groceries
Auto X (U2 Ventures)
Discount on car accessories Across Pak

Valid Till: May 2023

Muawin (Cashew Financial Services Limited)
Credit for fuel on Shell cards only – Pilot in Khi


Credit Book (Frontier Digitization Services (Pvt) Ltd. (Credit Book)
Smartphones on installments – Pilot in Khi

Valid Till: June 2023

Customized GSM Package Plans 35% Cheaper than the market Valid Till: Nov 2023
Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited
Industry’s Cheapest Health Cover with Unlimited Online Consultations for the entire family of Captains as low as 50 rupees per month


Valid Till: Sep 2023

Taj Petroleum
2 Rupees off per liter on 10+ filling stations in Karachi and Lahore Valid Till: Oct 2023
Discounted Handsets on Installments of 3, 6, 9 months at an interest rate of 2.5% only

Valid Till: Oct 2023

Health cover, life insurance, handset insurance with 35% 40% Careem share. Valid Till: JAN 2023
Okay Ker
Up to 50% discount on Car Wash and other services. Website (Pak) + Physical Location (Khi)

Valid Till July 2023


On having a more detailed conversation with the company’s Communications Manager, we got the know some unique reasons that almost convinced us to work with Careem – check them out:

  1. Bonuses & Guarantees: The bonus is a way of rewarding and acknowledging the Captains’ efforts and hard work. During the last quarter of 2021, Careem announced the resumption of bonuses and guarantees for its Captains in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad in the “GO” category, allowing them to earn up to 25% in addition to their primary
  2. Peaking: Captains can make money through peak times as well as waiting This way if there’s traffic on the roads/rush hours, or the Customer is making them wait, or if there are unfavorable road conditions like rainy or bad weather, the Captain isn’t left empty-handed. The Captain is fairly compensated for working in such conditions thanks to the peaking.
  3. In-ride insurance: We all know times can be uncertain in our Hence, as a safeguard in case of an accident and injuries during a ride, Careem offers financial support to both the Captain and Customer.
  4. Health and life insurance: To make sure that Captains and their families feel safe, Careem assists Captains in purchasing subsidized health and life insurance Captains can pick a package of their choice and avail it whenever they want. BTW, this is something even full-time employment doesn’t offer sometimes…
  5. Helpline: Fun fact: Careem is the ONLY ride-hailing service that offers 24/7 helpline and call assistance to its In case of an emergency, the company will reach out to them or be available to guide and help them almost instantly. This is a feature that the Captains love!
  6. Destination filter: Through this unique feature, Captains can pick a location of their choice twice a day and pick rides according to their convenience. This can allow them to pick a location that’s closer to their home or one where they know they won’t face any troubles while driving to the said
  7. Safety: To deal with any chaotic situation during the ride such as an accident or an argument that might escalate, Captains get 24-hour on-ground support, rescue services, and legal So, if a Captain lands in any trouble, the Careem will support and stand by them at all times.
  8. Loyalty program: Naturally, a loyal Captain is liable to many additional perks and benefits such as extra destination filters, better ratings, increased cash limit, and many other facilities and discounts. This way, the Captain can be assured that his loyalty and honesty doesn’t go unnoticed and will be rewarded generously.

Now we don’t know about you, but all this seems like a pretty decent option to opt for a side hustle; being your own boss, and working on your own time.