Indian Court Claims Cow Dung Protects from Atomic Radiation

An Indian court has ruled that cow dung dwellings are immune to nuclear radiation, such as atomic bomb fallout. Cows are deemed sacred in India, and authorities have pushed against livestock slaughter in recent years in collaboration with Hindu nationalist parties.

The Gujarat High Court, in November last year, was deciding on a Muslim man accused of transporting a herd to slaughter them, which is against state law. 

Samir Vinodchandra Vyas, the presiding judge, called the 22-year-old’s acts extremely distressing and condemned him to life imprisonment, citing cow slaughter as the root of several worldwide issues. The order was made available recently.

Vyas also declared in his decision that every problem in the world would be addressed on the day ‘not a single drop of cow’s blood falls on the ground’ and that it has been proven by science that even nuclear radiation cannot damage buildings constructed out of cow dung. Hindu organizations in India are outspoken supporters of cow preservation and advocate against cattle slaughter, often with lethal results.