FBR Seals 3 Outlets Over Failure to Install Point of Sale App

The Federal Board of Revenue has sealed three famous outlets in Islamabad over failure to install the Point of Sale (PoS) app on their systems and connecting their systems to the FBR for tax collection.

Sources told ProPakistani that Corporate Tax Office Islamabad on Monday sealed three famous outlets including One Dollar Shop, Salt ‘n Pepper in Blue Area, and Khabbay Ki Sajji in F10 for failing to install the Point of Sale (POS) app under the sales tax act 1990.

It is pertinent to note that FBR has allowed its field formations to seal Tier-1 retailers’ outlets by amending provisions relating to penalties of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

Earlier this month, FBR had warned 81 unregistered retailers (Tier-1) to integrate themselves with the FBR’s Point of Sale (PoS) system by January 10 to avoid denial of the input tax credit.

  • Khabbay Ki Sajji is our favorite outlet & FBR should stop this way of treating business. Before getting them into FBR Pool, first ensure them that certain things should not be done to this businesses in the first place. If they don’t comply then, they should only then be sealed

  • If FBR already served notice they have right to seal the outlet but otherwise they have to inform them or give them notice before taking action. Because every business provide job’s to poor people and maybe they don’t know the law or ignore due to uneducated.

  • Best way to collect the actual tax by using point of sales system connected to FBR. Government must enforce every business to install POS system.

  • I feel it is unjustifiable to put tax systems to the designated businesses on their area basis. This system will affect their sales and FBR officials should very well aware about their fixed expenses. This system will discourage people to buy from big outlets. The only solution is to install this system to every retailer instead of targeting certain retailers
    Thank you

  • FOR public understanding , these tier 1 retailer do not pay the sales tax from their own pocket. For every 100 RS sale they charge 17 Rs from general public. So The public is paying 117 Rs. 100 Rs is of the tier 1 retailers and remaining 17 Rs are being collected on behalf of Govt of Pakistan. These tier 1 retailers hide their transactions. And keep the tax money illegally with themselves. Therefore FBR should take strict actions against them. Its publics money which these retailers are evading.

    • U r right abt it even shopping mart w have this app installed now. So what the fuss. Everybody should give tax especially big fish.

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