Empowering Restaurants, One Delivery At A Time

As the restaurant industry of Pakistan continues to prove its strength as one of the most resilient sectors, it’s hard to deny the obstacles they had to face in the past few years. The challenges in the form of a global pandemic and supply chain disruptions were a few of the most difficult issues for small businesses to solve. However, they continue to defy all odds.

Though there are multiple factors that played an important role in the industry’s rediscovered growth, the main highlight of the recent years’ evolution in the industry can be attributed to the introduction of breakthrough technology & innovation in food delivery management tools offered by players like foodpanda across Pakistan.

To manage the challenges ahead, restaurants made quick and effective changes to the way they interacted with their customers who, in turn, had also grown accustomed to ordering in. From QR code menus and contactless delivery to ghost kitchens and digital marts, the past three years have seen unprecedented innovation in the foodservice industry, spearheaded by foodpanda.

Restaurants across the country have found immense growth since joining forces with foodpanda, making them more agile and better equipped to serve their customers well. Taking full advantage of the technology offered by foodpanda, restaurants today are in a much stronger position to scale their business and expand their operations than ever before.

Pizza Point, for example, grew from 6 to 15 branches after joining foodpanda. This was made possible via foodpanda’s dark kitchens which served as a location-testing platform for the restaurant.

Having found great success on the foodpanda platform for more than a decade, Red Apple is known and loved by customers of all ages, for its variety of exquisite paratha rolls. The restaurant has since grown four times over; from only three branches, it has expanded to 12.

Day Night Pizza, another example, started out with just one branch in 2013 and now has seven. With foodpanda, the restaurant has doubled its sales, catering to customers across an area of 50km, in a short period of time.

Since joining the foodpanda platform, these businesses have been able to ensure their meals are handled with great care and delivered fresh. They have been able to successfully expand their operations through strategic guidance by foodpanda, with a clear view of where their customers lived and ordered from.

The wide selection of meal choices on foodpanda has opened up unprecedented economic opportunities for people from all walks of life, while enabling more restaurants to make eating effortless for everyone, everywhere.

Dark kitchens are increasingly presenting restaurants the opportunity to supplement their on-premises facilities with additional remote kitchens that only prepare deliveries. Customers are able to browse a unique range of food options, optimised to suit their preferences by Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

This makes for an exciting time for food enthusiasts in Pakistan, and how they eat is also changing dramatically. As these changes take hold, the increased adoption of the home delivery service has also turned out to be a silver lining for many struggling food businesses. As far as customers are concerned, the arrival of steaming hot biryani right at their doorstep is nothing short of comforting.

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