PMD Responds After Dutch Scientist Predicts Another Strong Earthquake in Pakistan

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has discredited the recent earthquake predictions that have been circulating on social media, triggering fear among the netizens

Speaking in this regard, PMD’s Director stated that an earthquake is a natural disaster that cannot be predicted in advance. Mild earthquakes are common in Pakistan and will continue to occur, but there is no scientific basis for the predictions of strong earthquakes.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which was predicted three days prior, has wreaked havoc in both countries. The collective death toll has crossed 16,000; 12,873 in Turkey and 3,162 in Syria.

A researcher from the Netherlands, Frank Hoogerbeets, made headlines for his tweet predicting a major earthquake in the region three days before it actually occurred. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, causing widespread devastation.

Despite the accuracy of Hoogerbeets’ prediction, the PMD has rejected the posts of earthquake predictions in Pakistan and India that are currently going viral on social media.

The department has reminded the public that earthquakes cannot be predicted and that they should take necessary precautions to prepare for such disasters.