Dozens of PIA Pilots Resign After Huge Pay Cut

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been hit with a major crisis as 30 pilots have resigned from the company.

The resignations come after PIA announced a 35% cut in salaries, prompting outrage among the pilots and their representative organization, the Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA).

PALPA has been vocal in its opposition to the salary cuts, stating that pilots have not received a pay increase in seven years.

Furthermore, PALPA revealed that private airlines are paying Rs. 9 lacs to the first officers and Rs. 16 to 18 lacs to the captain, which the organization argues is not enough to sustain a decent living.

PALPA also pointed out that the salaries of PIA’s most senior captains are close to Rs. 7 lacs.

As a result, more pilots are ready to quit, putting further pressure on the already beleaguered airline.

Interestingly, these are the same pilots whose names were on the list of 262 fake licenses, PALPA added. PALPA revealed that these pilots have been offered jobs by the world’s top-class airlines, which are willing to pay them much higher salaries.

According to PALPA, most of the PIA pilots are now going to foreign airlines in search of better salaries, leaving PIA with a severe shortage of experienced pilots.

    • Yes Pakistan needs incompetent and corrupt peoples. Thats why top rated airlines hiring them with open arms…

    • Do you have any Idea ? What does pilots ,Engineers, scientist,Doctors means for A country?

      • Pakistan wants guttka merchants, mava merchants, we dont need doctors, pilots. Pakistan welcome gutka mava merchants. Im pakistan u will be respected as long as u r illiterate🤔

  • When management behave biased and play anti pilot policy, this will happen. Pilot always supposed to be the core employee of an airline around the world unlike Pakistan.
    Judicial inquiry should be conducted for those black sheeps who defamed PIA pilots on fake license scandal.
    Today, Qatar, Emirates, Etihad and even American airlines hiring these PIA pilots. Thirty are gone, 80 more in pipeline to flew away. But no body from management and Govt bother to retain them.
    They still dreaming that ex airforce retired pilot will fly PIA who never flown out of Pakistani territory. And history witnessed their success ratio which is less then 10% to qualify for PIA induction screening and Simulator tests.
    Best of luck to all on ground incompetent people’s awaiting to get this opportunity.

    • Pakistan is a incompetent and worst ever country for standard living so its better to leave this country as soon as possible if u wanna live a good privileged life

      • Sad but bitter reality. We are being hijacked since 1947 by these incompetent and corrupt gangs

        • Is there any cut in pay i think only tax on flying allowance imposed ………..

        • You as group are becoming one of more mafias, this country is facing. Dont try to pressurise and blackmail. If you want to leave, leave asap.

          • Who is pressurising ?they r simply leaving wat kind of stupid comment u have MAFIA ?WAKE UP no one is negotiating here they r simply resigning without demands BLACKMAILER comes with DEMANDS pilots r nit demanding anything

      • India is worse. Poorer people and 4600 fake degree pilots. Once IK back, we will progress again.

    • What equity??? We are grateful to the Govt at the timE for exposing the ROT and the CURRUPT practices in PIA. we accepted it. We have to own up to accepting that we are a majority CURRUPT fu–g nation!!

  • PIa pilots are the best in flying
    Must respect and Management must
    Retain these Officer now it is very difficult
    In world to get Trained Pilots.

  • experienced pilots like that who landed his a/c without landing gear and later crashed it…..let them go

  • Fake degrees fake licenses ZERO Pilot skills. Connections hook ups. US/ EU carriers don’t hire on SIFARISH.
    Good luck.

    • They r already selected by Qatar and Emirates who have no shortage of GORA S applying there so u can well imagine professional level of those pilots who u think r JELLY haha

  • Sadly this is the problem of all government organization. We always put restrictions on the work force of the organization, while do not touch the management, rather protect it. This reminds me of a joke where a rowing team loses a match, and the management keeps firing the rowers while it keeps on adding instructors until there is just one rower left and everyone else is an instructor. VIP culture zindabad!

  • Captain in pic is now in Qatar while first officer behind him is in Emirates goof luck pia

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