UAE Increases Transit Visa Fee

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Immigration has hiked the price of the 96-hour transit visa. Previously valued at $40.55 (AED 148.93), the visa now costs $59.57 (AED 218.78). However, a 48-hour transit visa remains free of charge.

According to VFS Global, a visa outsourcing company, applicants are being informed of this change. It has issued a statement, saying “Kindly note with immediate effective 96 hours visa fees has been changed/increased by UAE immigration.”

The express 96-hour transit visa is also not exempt from the price increase. It now costs $83.65 (AED 307.22). People from certain countries must pay a refundable security deposit, costing $272.5 (AED 1,000.80). It will be refunded after exiting the UAE.

Visa type Visa fees Security Deposit Service Fee Total Incidental Charges Total
96-Hour Transit Visa $33.00 $272.50 $33.46 $338.96 $55.07 $394.03
Express 96-Hour Visa $33.00 $272.50 $53.96 $359.46 58.76 $418.22

Processing Time

The entire process usually takes 3-4 working days to complete.


Visa is valid for 30 days with a stay duration of 96 hours from the time of entry into UAE.

Mandatory Documents

Applicant must submit the following documents to apply for a transit visa:

  • Passport Front Page
  • Passport Last Page
  • Photograph
  • Proof of Residence
  • Additional Documents for Residents of Certain Countries
    • A valid visa for evidence of travel to any of the following countries in the last 5 years, UAE, UK, USA, Schengen Countries, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Or documents showing investments of $8,000 or more, or local income tax papers showing annual income of $8,000 or more.

Where to Apply

Travelers can get UAE transit visas from the airline they are traveling through. If your trip is via a travel agency, they can also help you get one.

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