Life Imprisonment Overturned for Man Who Allegedly Killed Transgender Wife

The Sindh High Court (SHC) reversed Aqil Bashir’s life imprisonment conviction in a murder case.

In October of last year, a sessions court condemned Bashir to a life sentence for murdering Shabbir alias Shabana, a transgender person, under the jurisdiction of the Ferozabad police station in April 2019.

Bashir filed an appeal through his attorney, and a single-judge bench chaired by Justice Omar Sial approved the appeal and acquitted the defendant after hearing both parties and evaluating the case’s record and processes.

The prosecution’s case was primarily based on the testimony of two “last-seen” witnesses and the discovery of the murder weapon, but the bench observed that one witness identified the perpetrator solely based on their voice, which they had not heard in two years and might not have ever heard in their life.

Furthermore, the call data record revealed no interaction between Bashir and his supposed wife/victim, casting doubt on the prosecution’s claim that they had been married and living together for two years.

Bashir’s defense appeal contended that he was wrongfully accused because a Rangers officer was a friend of his father-in-law, who was upset with Bashir as his daughter had eloped with him.

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Asma Sajid