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ARM Announces Next Gen GPUs and CPUs for Phones and Wearables

Arm has unveiled its Total Compute Solutions 2023 at the Computex 2023 event, representing the latest advancement in its comprehensive IP solution lineup.

This encompasses various components, including the CPU, GPU, and more, enabling Arm clients to maintain full control over the IP blocks for their chips within their own premises.

Immortalis G720

The newly introduced 5th generation GPU architecture stands as Arm’s most powerful GPU to date, enhanced by the inclusion of Deferred Vertex Shading (DVS) technology. The flagship model, Immortalis G720, exhibits a remarkable 15% performance boost while reducing memory bandwidth usage by 40%.

Mali G620

In addition to the G720, Arm has also launched the Mali-G620 targeting the lower-end market. With these new Mali GPUs, Arm has expanded its premium graphics feature set and made it accessible to a wider range of consumer devices.

Notably, MediaTek made an appearance at the launch event, showcasing their new System on a Chip (SoC) based on the Cortex X4 and Immortalis G720, which incorporates hardware-based ray tracing.

Cortex X4

Arm’s Cortex X4 has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the first tape out utilizing TSMC’s N3E process. This latest cluster stands as Arm’s fastest to date, delivering an impressive 15% increase in performance coupled with a remarkable 40% improvement in power efficiency.

Within the cluster, the Cortex-A720 emerges as an industry-leading CPU IP, serving as the powerhouse for sustained performance. On the other hand, the Cortex-A520 represents Arm’s most powerful high-efficiency CPU core ever developed.

These new CPU designs bring a notable 20% enhancement in power efficiency compared to previous generations, benefiting a wide range of applications including AAA gaming, all-day productivity, and background tasks.

Based on Intel 18A

Interestingly, ARM has also hinted that its Cortex X4 will likely be based on Intel’s 18A technology. Stuart Pann, Senior Vice President and General Manager, of Intel Foundry Services (IFS) said:

The combination of leading-edge Intel 18A technology with Arm’s newest and most powerful CPU core, the Cortex-X4, will create opportunities for companies looking to design the next generation of innovative mobile SoCs. Arm is a critical partner as we work to build a comprehensive foundry ecosystem for our customers around the world.

DSU 120

Last but not least, the new DSU-120 is Arm’s latest innovation in the form of the DynamIQ shared unit. This advanced unit brings support for up to 14 CPU cores within a single cluster, catering to the demands of multi-threaded applications across various use cases, including wearables, smartphones, and laptops.

Now that the new hardware has been officially announced, we can expect to see it in phones and laptops later this year.

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