Pakistan High Commission School in New Delhi Closed Abruptly

Pakistan’s High Commission in New Delhi has made the decision to close down the school that caters to the education of the staff’s children.

This abrupt closure has put the academic future of the students in jeopardy.

The school staff received a letter from Salman Sharif, the Charge d’Affaires of the Pakistan High Commission, informing them of the closure.

The letter, citing Article 4 of the agreement, states that the school will be shut down and the employees’ services will be terminated as of April 30, 2023, giving them a one-month notice.

A dismissed employee revealed that the school staff had not received salaries for an entire year and were now being handed termination notices.

The Pakistan High Commission explained that the closure was due to low attendance at the school. Since 2020, the High Commission has had limited staff, resulting in a reduced number of students.

The Indian government has permitted only two children of Pakistan High Commission staff to enroll in a school other than the one operated by the High Commission.

This sudden closure has raised concerns about the educational prospects of the affected students and the livelihoods of the staff members who have lost their jobs.

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ProPK Staff