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Windows 11’s Backup and Restore Feature is Getting a Huge Upgrade

Microsoft has unveiled upcoming upgrades to Windows 11’s backup features, aiming to streamline the transition between old and new devices.

A dedicated Windows Backup app will serve as the primary interface for users to create backups. However, an alternative option is also accessible through Settings > Accounts > Windows Backup. These backup solutions enable users to conveniently transfer their data to new devices, seamlessly integrating it into the out-of-box experience.

Microsoft has outlined its objective with these updates, aiming to provide users with a familiar desktop experience and ensure a swift return to productivity on their new PCs. This enhanced experience draws parallels to macOS’ Time Machine, although it does not offer the option for external hard drive compatibility.

Currently, Windows Backup primarily utilizes cloud storage solutions like OneDrive. While the pricing is comparable to competitors’ offerings, it’s worth noting that many users may already be subscribed to these services for accessing the latest versions of Microsoft Office. As a result, leveraging these cloud-based backup options can be a practical choice for users.

Based on initial previews, it appears that the enhanced backup experience aims to provide a comprehensive solution, encompassing files, folders, apps, settings, and login credentials. Additionally, the tool will restore specific settings such as taskbar layout and Start menu app pinning.

While complete details of this upgraded backup feature are yet to be announced, as it is currently being introduced in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23466, it is expected to offer users a compelling reason to rely less on third-party cloud backup tools.

By providing an all-in-one solution, Windows users can potentially reduce the need for additional subscriptions and associated costs. Once the feature becomes widely available, it has the potential to streamline the backup process for Windows users.

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Aasil Ahmed