CDA to Lease Hundreds of Plots to Private Schools in Islamabad

In a recent decision, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced its plan to lease 300 plots to private schools in Islamabad.

The move aims to address the issue of private schools operating in residential areas and provide them with suitable commercial plots.

The CDA has invited expressions of interest through advertisements, signaling its willingness to engage with interested parties. The plots on offer range from 4 kanals to 20 kanals in size, providing ample space for school infrastructure and facilities.

Under the lease agreement, schools acquiring the plots will be granted a waiver for the first three years of the lease.

This concession is intended to support the schools during the initial establishment phase. However, successful bidders will be required to complete the construction of the school building and commence operations within five years.

One significant aspect of the lease agreement is that school owners will not be permitted to charge higher fees to students. This measure aims to ensure the affordability and accessibility of education.

Additionally, schools will be obligated to offer scholarships to deserving and financially disadvantaged students, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities.

Transportation services will also be a requirement for the schools. They will be expected to provide transportation facilities for one-third of their student population, ensuring safe and convenient commuting options.

In line with promoting quality education, all schools leasing the plots will be mandated to recruit teachers on a merit basis. This requirement, as recommended by the Education Department, emphasizes the importance of qualified and competent teaching staff in delivering high-quality education.

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ProPK Staff