One Homes Invests in a British-Pakistani Dream – Backing Rising Racing Star Enaam Ahmed

Leading real estate developer One Homes, part of the One Group, has signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement to back rising British-Pakistani racing star Enaam Ahmed.

Ahmed, who grew up in London, is the first-ever professional racing driver of Pakistani heritage. At the age of only 23, Enaam is racing in the INDY NXT league out of Indianapolis.

Enaam’s illustrious career flying under the Pakistani flag has seen him beat the records of Formula One drivers Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Not only that, Enaam Ahmed is also the British Formula 3 Champion, the first ever high-level Formula Championship winner in the history of Pakistan and has surpassed the record of Ayrton Senna by winning 13 races in one season.

In the dynamic world of motorsports, where speed, precision, and determination converge, Enaam Ahmed stands as the future trailblazer on the tracks, with One Homes as his driving force.

The signing ceremony took place in the prestigious Dubai offices of One Group, attended by group Chairman Zeeshaan Shah and Enaam Ahmed.

Commenting on the collaboration Zeeshaan Shah said: “At One Homes we pride ourselves on being a perfect platform to nurture, support and drive exceptional professionals, bringing high achievers like Enaam Ahmed to the forefront. It is our responsibility as a leading British Pakistani group to promote and support the rising achievers in our community. High performers whether they are entrepreneurs or elite athletes have a lot in common with regard to the sacrifice, hard work, and competitive spirit it requires.

This, coupled with the relentless effort of being on top of your game is what drives success. Our collaboration with Enaam goes beyond the typical financial support and I look forward to building our relationship with Enaam further and supporting his career as a mentor. Enaam is a highly dedicated young star with a bright future ahead of him. We look forward to being with Enaam as he undoubtedly reaches the pinnacle of this highly competitive sport together”.

This momentous collaboration is the stepping stone of One Homes’ unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent from the global South-Asian community and serving as a catalyst for promoting their remarkable achievements.

It establishes itself as a progressive and iconic brand that believes in investing in the next generation of athletes, sportsmen, and professionals alike, inspiring the world with its vision of limitless possibilities.

Commenting on the signing, Enaam said: “It’s an honor to have One Homes and One Group as my supporters. Zeeshaan has been a long-standing friend and mentor whose support and guidance I cherish dearly. Racing is a highly competitive sport, and having a high-profile investor in the One Group will only help me reach the pinnacle of the support more easily”.

He added: “And please don’t let anyone think that this is Enaam sorted. Racing is a sport that costs drivers 10’s Millions of dollars a year. And all funds that they have to put together themselves.

This is just the start, and I would like to ask all leading businesses, especially those from the global South-Asian community, to support a young rising star to achieve his dreams and fly the flag for our community at the pinnacle of the sport”.

As One Homes support Enaam through his racing journey, we are thrilled to unveil that the One Homes logo will be racing with Enaam’s car alongside the Pakistan flag, starting with the INDY NXT BY DETROIT GRAND PRIX on the 2nd of June.

This exciting collaboration marks just the beginning of a thrilling journey, and we eagerly anticipate many more ventures alongside Enaam Ahmed and One Homes.

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