GoPro in Pakistan: Now Officially Available with Easy-to-Claim Warranty

In a groundbreaking development for the action camera industry in Pakistan, BnW Collections is thrilled to announce its partnership with GoPro, bringing the world-renowned brand officially to the country for the first time.

As the official distributor of GoPro in Pakistan, BnW Collections is all set to revolutionize the way Pakistani adventure enthusiasts capture their ventures, offering not only the latest releases but also introducing an innovative and hassle-free method for customers to claim a warranty through a QR code.

BnW Collections: The Official Partner of GoPro in Pakistan

This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for both BnW Collections and GoPro enthusiasts in Pakistan. With a rich history of delivering the highest quality cameras and accessories, BnW Collections is the ideal partner for GoPro’s entry into the Pakistani market.

The company has already been serving as the official distributor of multiple renowned brands such as DJI, Godox, Hollyland, Aputure and other industry leaders. Now, their partnership with GoPro is a testament to their remarkable reputation.

GoPro cameras have long been favored by adventure seekers and content creators worldwide for their durability, high-quality video and photo capabilities, and versatility. Now, Pakistani adventurers can capture their thrilling moments with the confidence of an official warranty, thanks to BnW Collections’ partnership with GoPro.

Claiming Official Warranty Now Simplified!

One of the most praiseworthy aspects of this partnership is the introduction of a simplified and efficient warranty claim process. Gone are the days of complicated forms and lengthy procedures. BnW Collections has introduced a QR code-based warranty claim system, making it incredibly easy for customers to protect their investments. This user-friendly system will ensure that GoPro owners can swiftly address any potential issues and continue capturing their incredible moments without interruptions.

To initiate your warranty coverage, please register your product from here:

GoPro Hero 12 in Pakistan

To celebrate this milestone, BnW Collections is also proud to unveil the GoPro Hero 12 in Pakistan, marking the first time that a new GoPro model has been launched simultaneously with its global release.

The GoPro 12 boasts an array of cutting-edge features, including enhanced image stabilization, improved low-light performance, and enhanced durability, making it the ideal companion for adventurers, athletes, and content creators.

The company is committed to offering a comprehensive range of GoPro cameras and accessories, ensuring that all customers can find the perfect setup to suit their needs. Whether you’re an extreme sports enthusiast, a vlogger, or a traveler looking to capture every moment of your journey, BnW Collections has the right GoPro product for you.

The One-Stop Destination For All Your Gopro Needs

The partnership between BnW Collections and GoPro is sure to redefine the action camera market in Pakistan, providing customers with a one-stop destination for all their GoPro needs. With the official warranty and the introduction of the GoPro 12, adventure seekers and content creators in Pakistan can now capture their experiences with unparalleled ease and quality. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current camera setup or start your action camera journey, BnW Collections has you covered.

For more information on GoPro products and warranty details, please visit the official BnW Collections website or visit their store in Karachi. Stay connected through their social media channels for the latest updates, promotions, and exciting content.

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