Senators Angry as SBP Officials Are Getting Up to 30 Times More Salary Than Parliamentarians

Senate members on Friday expressed their dismay over the exorbitant monthly salaries of public servants, with some high-ranking officials earning around Rs. 4.4 million per month. The senators sought justification for such high wages, with comparisons drawn to their own salaries capped at Rs. 160,000 per month.

Caretaker Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhtar faced a barrage of questions regarding the substantial salaries of State Bank employees and those on the MP scale. Despite attempts to defend the figures, Akhtar was unable to convince the Senators.

Senator Dinesh Kumar called for a careful examination of the salary distribution. He questioned the rationale behind the State Bank allocating monthly salaries of up to Rs. 4.4 million, emphasizing the need for transparency in such financial matters. Senator Palwasha Khan, comparing her own salary, echoed these concerns, demanding to know what reasons warranted such high compensations for SBP.

Senator Raza Rabbani brought attention to the stark disparity between the average citizen’s salary of Rs. 32,000 and the MP scale’s staggering Rs. 3.3 million per month. He raised questions about the appropriation of these funds, suggesting either the Senate or the civil bureaucracy might be responsible.

The Senate Chairman, facing dissatisfaction over the lack of answers on the subject, forwarded the matter to the Ministry of Law.

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