Pakistan Bans Wheat Import from India and Israel

Pakistan has officially prohibited the import of wheat from India and Israel, as well as from countries facing international sanctions, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Furthermore, the ban extends to wheat originating from Ukrainian regions under Russian control, including Crimea. Global trading companies are now required to adhere to Pakistan’s condition, refraining from supplying wheat sourced from the aforementioned countries.

According to an official document, a tender for the procurement of 110,000 metric tons of wheat has been initiated, specifying that the moisture content of the wheat should not exceed 14.5 percent. Additionally, the presence of extraneous elements such as soil must be limited to 1 percent.

The scheduled arrival of wheat, expected to be shipped to either Gwadar or the Karachi port, is set for February 12, with two vessels designated for transportation.

The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) recently issued an international tender for the procurement and import of 110,000 metric tons of wheat, as confirmed by European traders. The deadline for submitting price offers in response to this tender is December 27, with a prerequisite that the wheat originates from the latest crop.

The requested shipment is earmarked for the year 2024, with consignments of at least 50,000 tons expected to arrive during two distinct periods between January 10-15 and January 17-22. Compliance with the delivery timeline is crucial, as the wheat must be in Pakistan by February 12, 2024.

As part of the procurement process, the TCP retains the flexibility to purchase up to 10 percent more or less than the specified tender volume.

  • Israel and India are exporting wheat around the world and now Pakistan is begging for wheat. Shame on us as a whole. Just develop more DHAs and Bahria towns. Army officers and Elite will transform whole Pakistan into housing socieities and will destroy all Agri lands.

  • Develop more DHAs. In the future you will import all foods from abroad. You will be forced to buy from Israel and India as Army officers will have sold most of Pakistani Agri lands to rich elite.

  • Shame on Real Ghaddaars of Pakistan. Pakistan Army is the biggest enemy of Pakistan. They are destroying precious Agri lands in Multan, Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi and now everywhere. This dirty elite and their friends are transforming Agri lands to housing socieities. Shame on them as their aim is to make Pakistan dependent on Foreign country

  • Make more DHAs and Bahria towns. Israel is producing wheat in a desert. Their people are sincere to their land. But Pakistan has vultures sitting on top. Lanat on all those who are making Pakistan dependent on other people.

  • Yess rightly said all… Pakistan is becoming reliant on other countries for the import of many things despite possessing a lot of resources

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