AI Traffic Cameras Will Record You Throwing Trash Out of Your Car

Authorities in the United Kingdom (UK) have decided to install artificial intelligence (AI) cameras on various highways to record instances of drivers throwing trash out of their car windows.

According to The Metro, the AI-powered cameras will be installed at British lay-bys in the upcoming weeks to apprehend drivers who litter. The news outlet added those caught throwing trash on the road might be fined up to £100, or $126.

The Metro in its report revealed that the initiative is part of a trial conducted by National Highways, responsible for maintaining and enhancing major roads. It will jointly work with a subsidiary of East Hampshire County Council.

To save valuable time and resources, the AI-powered cameras have been designed in such a way that they automatically send images of the offenders to the authorities. This eliminates the need to look through hours of CCTV footage.

According to the Telegraph, the cameras will be installed in the South East of England in the first phase. Littering on the highways across the UK has been a growing source of concern.

Last year, the Clean Up Britain campaign group threatened to pursue legal action against the National Highways body if the situation didn’t improve. Commenting on the latest initiative to combat littering, John Read, Clean Up Britain’s founder, termed it another “meaningless partnership” that seemed promising but “always delivered no results.”

Published by
Arsalan Khattak