United Raises Bike Prices by Up to Rs. 18,000

United Motorcycle Pakistan has become the first manufacturer to increase the prices of its bikes in 2024.

In a recent announcement, United has raised the prices of its various models by up to Rs. 18,000. The new prices will take effect from January 9, 2024.

Here are the new prices:

  • Following an increase of Rs. 5000, United US 70 (alloy rim) now costs Rs. 114,500. However, the prices of United US 70 (Standard) remain unchanged.
  • The US-100 (Standard) has witnessed an increase of Rs. 10,000, now priced at Rs. 117,000, compared to its old price of Rs. 107,000.
  • Similarly, the US-100’s (Standard Special) price has increased by Rs. 10,000, taking its new price to Rs. 118,000.
  • The US-100 (Standard Alloy Rims) has undergone the most significant price hike, up by Rs. 18,000. It is now available at Rs. 127,500.

On the other hand, the United US Scooty 100 and United US 125 prices have not experienced any increase. As expected, the company hasn’t provided a reason for the price increase, continuing the longstanding tradition of keeping such details undisclosed.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak