Pakistan to Launch Another Satellite Mission After iCube-Qamar

Following the successful launch of Pakistan’s first lunar satellite, iCUBE, another satellite is scheduled for release into space on May 30. The upcoming satellite, MM1, is an initiative by SUPARCO and will contribute to the establishment of a cutting-edge communication system.

Designed to address the increasing demands of the telecom sector, MM1 is poised to enhance 5G internet services in the country.

Notably, Pakistan’s maiden lunar mission, ICUBE Qamar, achieved a significant milestone by successfully entering the moon’s orbit just three days ago.

Operating under extreme conditions, with temperatures plummeting as low as minus 100 degrees Celsius, MM1 is equipped with a 7kg one-megapixel camera specifically tailored for missions with stringent power constraints.

Its capacity to transmit images at a modest 1-kbps rate will facilitate surface-level analysis, providing crucial data on crater locations, water, and traces of ice on the moon’s surface. These findings, obtained through various techniques, hold immense promise for global utilization.

Published by
Rija Sohaib