Mobilink Bank Set to Launch MobilinkHER Women Returnship Program

In a pioneering move to support women re-entering the workforce, Mobilink Bank is all set to unveil the MobilinkHER Returnship Program. This innovative initiative is designed to facilitate the seamless transition of women returning to professional life after a break, whether it be for raising a family, personal development, or transitioning from retirement.

The program underscores Mobilink Bank’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce by recognizing and harnessing the unique skills and experiences that women bring to the workplace.

Toolkits, training, workshops, and mentoring form an essential part of the MobilinkHER program, designed to offer full support for women and ensure their success. These are being implemented in partnership with Carnelian, a leading Communication Consulting firm renowned for its expertise in collaborating with leaders across diverse industries. Carnelian specializes in providing a wide array of services encompassing Learning, HR Consulting, Coaching, Branding, Research, Customer Engagement, Events and Psychometric Assessments.

“At Mobilink Bank, our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce extends to our talent pipeline initiatives, where we prioritize providing equal opportunities for women. Research indicates that women face challenges reintegrating into the workforce and achieving their maximum earning potential after taking career breaks. Recognizing this, Mobilink Bank is set to launch the MobilinkHER Women Returnship Program tailored for mid-career professionals. Through this initiative, we aim to cultivate an environment that embraces diversity and leverages the full spectrum of talent available to us,” explained Ghazanfar Azzam, President and CEO Mobilink Bank.

“As a woman, this initiative resonates deeply with me,” says Alina Tanveer, Chief People Officer Mobilink Bank. “By providing women with the opportunity to reintegrate into the workforce, we are not only attracting and nurturing highly motivated talent but also reaffirming our dedication to fostering an inclusive team environment.”

Empowering women is ingrained in the fabric of Mobilink Bank’s business ethos. Beyond the returnship program, Mobilink Bank champions an inclusive workplace culture where women are empowered to thrive. The Bank’s commitment extends to creating an environment that fosters growth and advancement for all employees, regardless of gender. Through initiatives aimed at breaking down barriers and promoting gender equality, Mobilink Bank strives to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities it serves.

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  • Most pethetic place to work for, old employees behave like they own the place and mostly relatives. No standards no ethics. Anyone considering to joine need to consider before joining. All they want is cheap labour.

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