Brillanz Group to Host Sustainable Energy Summit at MWC Barcelona & Unveil AI-Enabled Energy Intelligence Platform, Thunder

Brillanz Group, a trailblazer in engineering & energy solutions for the telecom sector, is proud to announce the hosting of the Sustainable Energy Summit at the upcoming MWC Barcelona 2024.

MWC Barcelona is renowned for being the most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem, bringing together the titans of technology and the key players shaping tomorrow’s innovations. It is the perfect backdrop for Brillanz Group to spearhead conversations on sustainable energy, given its global audience and reputation as a launchpad for cutting-edge technologies.

In this backdrop, the Sustainable Energy Summit aligns seamlessly with MWC Barcelona’s mission to highlight transformative technologies. It will address the urgent need for sustainability and efficiency in telecom by dissecting the sustainable energy paradigm, exploring the climate investment landscape, and showcasing real-world tech-driven efficiencies.

The summit, hosted by Brillanz Group, will be held on 28th February in Spain and it is slated to be a convergence of thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators under the theme “Innovate, Fund, Transform: Telecoms Path to a Sustainable, AI-Powered Era.

Amid global calls for sustainability and efficiency, the telecom industry faces a pivotal moment. The Sustainable Energy Summit aims to address this by dissecting the sustainable energy paradigm, exploring the climate investment landscape, and showcasing real-world tech-driven efficiencies driving energy asset security & sustainability missions for the industry. Central to this event will be the unveiling of Brillanz Group’s latest innovation, Thunder, an AI-enabled Energy Intelligence Platform that unlocks efficiency, reliability & sustainability for the energy-intensive Telecom sector.

Thunder represents a significant leap forward in energy management, harnessing the power of AI to provide comprehensive insights and control over energy consumption, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability. With existing deployments on more than 4,000 sites already, this platform is set to redefine how global telecoms manage their energy use, save their Opex and reduce their Capex, and pave the way for a greener future.

“We are at the cusp of a new era where sustainable energy management is not just a strategic advantage but a fundamental industry requirement,” said Bilal Qureshi, CEO of Brillanz Group. “The Thunder platform is our commitment to this future, delivering unparalleled energy intelligence to drive the telecom sector forward.”

The energy summit will feature two thematic panel discussions: “Profit with Purpose: How Cleantech & Climate Investments Transform Telcos” and “Smart Energy Revolution: Innovations, AI Solutions, and Asset Security in Telecom,” promising actionable insights and a roadmap for navigating the energy landscape’s challenges and opportunities.

Brillanz Group invites attendees to join this pivotal conversation at MWC Barcelona 2024 and to witness the unveiling of Thunder, which is poised to spark a transformation in the telecom industry’s approach to sustainability and energy management.

For additional information about the Sustainable Energy Summit and to register, please visit

About Brillanz Group

 Brillanz Group is a leading provider of innovative energy and technology solutions for the telecom industry, dedicated to driving sustainability through cutting-edge AI, IoT-enabled Smart Cabinets, and cleantech initiatives.

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