Multiple Illegal Buildings Sealed in Two Housing Societies in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) took decisive action by sealing 26 buildings across two private housing societies in Islamabad due to violations of building bye-laws.

The Building Control Section of the CDA orchestrated the sealing of 17 buildings in Soan Garden and 9 in Ghori Town after uncovering severe breaches of building regulations.

An official from the CDA revealed that notices have also been issued to the owners of the sealed buildings, mandating the demolition of illegal structures within their properties.

This operation falls under the broader campaign initiated by the CDA against encroachments and unauthorized construction within urban areas and various housing schemes.

It’s worth noting that many private housing societies have encroached upon land earmarked for playgrounds, graveyards, and other essential amenities by converting them into residential and commercial plots.

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