Multiple Illegal Buildings Sealed in Two Housing Societies in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) took decisive action by sealing 26 buildings across two private housing societies in Islamabad due to violations of building bye-laws.

The Building Control Section of the CDA orchestrated the sealing of 17 buildings in Soan Garden and 9 in Ghori Town after uncovering severe breaches of building regulations.

An official from the CDA revealed that notices have also been issued to the owners of the sealed buildings, mandating the demolition of illegal structures within their properties.

This operation falls under the broader campaign initiated by the CDA against encroachments and unauthorized construction within urban areas and various housing schemes.

It’s worth noting that many private housing societies have encroached upon land earmarked for playgrounds, graveyards, and other essential amenities by converting them into residential and commercial plots.

Note: The featured image used is only for illustrative purposes.

  • Why they don’t take any action at the time construction? Are they deliberately keep the blind eye.

    • 💯 agreed, every department in this country is full of incompetence, bribery, nepotism and looters

    • yes they are. Now they know they developer is under its GUN. The issue is that the developer has already sold its units to multiple end consumers. there are hundreds of thousands of people who has their money stuck in undeveloped properties/housing schemes.

    • If it was illegal construction how iesco and sngpl give them connections.second why not government make a trustworthy department for private sector for property transfer.
      Mother of all corruption is the law which is outdated and parliamentarian .if government is sincere to solve these issues they should update their laws the person how bought plot or house how he will know that is legal or illegal.he just trust on society.but does not HV any other source.

  • As per CDA official statement that GHOURI TOWN is an illegal housing society,then why took action on an illegal society to remove irregularities?? Moreover AFFECTIES of Ghouri town neither Got any kind of compensation from owner,Law enforcement agency..

  • Same is happening in New city Phase-2 wah cantt. RDA should also take same measures as all grounds Zoo and parks have been converted into shops etc

  • Its good initiative But these type of action be taken across the board. But unfortunately its totally drama, initially these departments close their eyes and let the violations happen, then they approach them for bribery and personal gains, if it is not negotiated then these type of operations take place.

  • Construction is fast going on in different parts of Islamabad without any notice by CDA. One such construction is behind phase 2 of Margalla Town,where a new town is being developed. The mosque which was a simple small structure has expanded and the land is converted into plot offered for sale.the severage goes to the rawal dam spillover ,while electricity is provided, water and gass are owners issue.the curse of democracy is ripe in the capital which provides an opportunity to the elected ones to provide services to the newly constructed houses which the CDA will declare illigal in future.

  • افسران بھینس چرانے گئے تھے جب تک بلڈنگ ۔بن نا جاۓ اور بک نا جاۓ پابندی نھی لگانی۔

  • Is there any compensation for effected people CDA should ask question to owner rather than demolished poor people building. People want to invest in Pakistan but due to too much illegal work fraud they can not invest please take action seriously. Consider poor people building

  • CDA have to wake up .there are thousands of building in Islamabad .But only Public Punished not the building owner and the incharg officer.In G12 sevise road the event marqees abolished by CDA in 2019 but now why people constructing markets there.CDA is promoting Mafiaz.

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