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Apple is About to Finalize its Foldable Phone’s Design: Report

In a recent report citing “supply chain sources,” it’s claimed that Apple’s foldable project is currently finalizing its design.

This development signifies the alignment of various design components of the folding device, indicating the imminent completion of this stage of the project and suggesting that Apple is now contemplating mass production.

However, according to the report, Apple’s foldable device may not be primed for release either this year or in 2025.

Past rumors have suggested time and time again that Apple is working on at least two flip-style foldables, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, none of these are going to be new iPhones, meaning they will be a part of a separate lineup. Some reports suggest that Apple foldables with 7-8-inch displays may be a part of the iPad category instead due to their larger displays. It is also possible that Apple wants to test the waters before introducing its foldables to its most popular device lineup.

Foldable Screen Laptop

Similar reports have suggested that Apple is working on a foldable screen laptop similar to Asus and a few other Windows laptop makers. The report from Korean news media claimed that Apple is in talks with suppliers to launch a foldable-screen MacBook and it could catalyze the now-sluggish display market.

The foldable screen MacBook is expected to be released sometime in 2026 after a 2025 announcement.

In response to the saturation of the smartphone market, Korean display manufacturers such as Samsung Display and LG Display have significantly increased their investments in OLED panels for laptops in recent times. Currently, both companies are actively collaborating on the development and production plans for foldable OLED panels tailored specifically for laptops, recognizing the growing potential of this emerging market.

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