12 Beauty Product Companies Caught Using Misleading Marketing

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has taken notice of deceptive marketing by several beauty products manufacturers and issued notices to 12 companies regarding their false and misleading claims.

CCP’s preliminary probe revealed that these undertakings were prima facie engaged in “greenwashing”, advertising their products as “Natural, Organic, Sustainable, Pure, and Chemical Free” without having any scientific evidence to support their claims.

Such unsubstantiated marketing claims not only mislead the consumers but also pose potential health risks to unwary users. The notices issued by CCP may set a significant precedent for responsible marketing practices that prioritize environmental integrity and consumer trust.

The undertakings in this business strategically omit the material information about the chemical/synthetic ingredients in their products from labels and marketing communications or use misleading terminology, imagery, or labeling practices to hide the presence of inorganic components or chemical additives.

Hence, the consumers are significantly attracted by their environment-friendly assertions like “100% Organic, 100% Natural, 100% Pure, 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, Pakistan’s No.1 Skincare Brand, Pakistan’s Best Organic and Natural Brand, Pakistan’s No.1 Online Organic Brand” and claims of the same kind.

The Competition Act, of 2010 prohibits deceptive marketing practices under Section 10 of the Act. The Commission is further mandated to ensure fair market competition for consumer protection. The CCP, therefore, calls for the accuracy, integrity, reliability, and truthfulness of all marketing communications to honestly help the consumers in their purchase decisions.

Marketing claims must be substantiated with valid scientific evidence to prevent the distribution of false or misleading information to consumers. The companies must compete based on safety, innovation, value for money, quality, and effectiveness of their products. The Commission is fully committed to enforcing the law and any company found guilty of deceptive marketing practices will face strict enforcement actions including penalties.

In collaboration with consumers, producers, retailers, and relevant stakeholders, the CCP aims to ensure fair competition to protect the rights of consumers in the beauty products market. Furthermore, the CCP urges consumers to remain vigilant and promptly report to the Commission any instances of deceptive advertising, false claims, or health hazards faced.

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ProPK Staff