Pakistan Needs Aggressive Trade Agreements and FTAs to Increase Exports: Dawlance CEO

The government of Pakistan needs to negotiate bilateral agreements effectively as well as Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to increase the non-traditional exports of the country, says Dalwence CEO Umar Ahsan Khan.

The executive stated this while addressing a press conference that was joined by Can Dincer, Chief Commercial Officer of Türkiye and South Asia at Arçelik on Friday, where they also announced to start of exporting Air Conditioners from Pakistan.

Dawlance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arçelik, the flagship of Türkiye’s Koc Group – the largest manufacturer in Europe, which provides investments and technological expertise to create innovative technologies in Pakistan.

Khan said that the current FTAs are not favorable and need aggressive agreements like those with China. The CEO further quoted high tax and energy costs as major impediments, making them uncompetitive in the market.

At this event, Dawlance also took the opportunity to launch a new range of premium products under the umbrella of “Dawlance Prima Line – Designed for Better.”

Dawlance Prima Line’s debut product category, the No-Frost Refrigerator, offers solutions for the challenges in the Pakistani market such as scarcity and rising prices of energy in the region, which cause power fluctuations and load-shedding. By the end of the year 2024, other Dawlance Prima Line products will also be introduced in Pakistan.

Emphasizing the contribution of Arçelik’s experience in international markets and expertise in innovation to the Pakistani market, Can Dincer said, adding that: “Prima stands for prime and summarizes our vision within the country. We are proud to launch Pakistan’s first premium product line-up “Dawlance Prima”, which demonstrates our commitment to Pakistani customers. We believe in the potential of Pakistan. We will further invest in production, technology, retail, and customer experience in the country.”

Over the years, Arcelik has invested more than 300 million Euros in Dawlance. Its research and development efforts have created many new technologies, while its products promise up to 60% energy conservation. With a local R&D center established in Pakistan and support from Turkish engineers, Dawlance is dedicated to enhancing global collaboration and diversification, fostering self-reliance in creating European-quality products for the Pakistani market.

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ProPK Staff