Valve is Making an Overwatch 2 Rival, But it’s Third Person

Overwatch 2 is no longer as popular as it used to be and several rivals games are attempting to take the place of the former game of the year. Marvel Rivals was announced earlier this year and Valve is now reportedly working on an Overwatch rival of its own.

The news comes from multiple reputable sources that claim that Steam maker Valve is working on Deadlock a third-person hero-based shooter. Screenshots of Deadlock’s closed alpha playtest were shared on X (formerly Twitter). The graphics are likely going to improve in the final version of the game.

It is worth mentioning that Deadlock is not just a rumor. A reporter from Valve, Tyler McVicker confirmed that the game has been in the works for 6 years and is codenamed ‘Citadel.’

Deadlock not only draws inspiration from Overwatch 2 but also games like Dota and League of Legends. This is because all maps are divided into four lanes, each with a transit line that lets players traverse quickly across maps. It is going to be a 6v6 setting similar to Overwatch 1 but with fantasy elements combined with steampunk aesthetics.

One of the leaked screenshots details an archer character who specializes in long-range combat and ambush. Here is how the game describes him:

A cunning predator, Grey Talon uses a combination of deadly accuracy, traps, and clever positioning to bring down the toughest opponents.

While Grey Talon is shown to have four abilities in the screenshot, other characters may have fewer or more, but this information is yet to be confirmed. It is unclear when Valve plans to release Deadlock to the public.

Published by
Aasil Ahmed