Bakeries Ordered to Reduce Prices This Week in Punjab

Following the recent decrease in roti and naan prices, the Punjab government is now focusing on reducing the prices of bakery products.

Provincial Minister for Food, Bilal Yaseen, led a meeting on this matter, attended by key officials and representatives from the bakery association and various brands.

Yaseen highlighted the significant reduction in wheat and flour prices over the past two months, up to 48 percent. He added that in the next few days, the prices of bakery products will be reduced.

Yaseen set a deadline of May 27 for stakeholders to voluntarily decrease prices, warning of strict actions otherwise.

Last week, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced a further reduction in the price of Roti/Naan, fixing it at Rs. 14 across the province.

The Punjab Food Minister had earlier stated that the price of 20kg flour has been reduced by Rs. 1,300. He added that the price of an 80 kg fine flour bag has been reduced by Rs. 2,770 and a 50 kg bag of semolina by Rs. 1,700.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak