Snatching of Sacrificial Animals Increases as Eid ul Adha Approaches

Days before Eid ul Adha, the theft of sacrificial animals has started in Lahore.

A disturbing video circulating on social media depicts a group of robbers stealing sacrificial animals at gunpoint from a young boy. The footage shows the perpetrators stopping their vehicle next to the boy walking with goats, assaulting him, and forcibly taking the animals while brandishing a pistol to deter any resistance.

After swiftly seizing the animals, the robbers hastily flee the scene, leaving the boy shocked and panicked.

Netizens expressed outrage over the CCTV footage, highlighting the citizens’ vulnerability to criminals and criticizing the lack of effective action by authorities. Despite the visibility of the robbers’ car’s number plate, some users doubted any meaningful response from law enforcement.

The incident occurred in Lahore’s Samanabad neighborhood. Although the police have seized the vehicle involved, the culprits remain at large. Raids are underway to apprehend them.

In another incident in Lahore’s Nishtar Colony, muggers stole a goat from a citizen. Prompt police action led to the arrest of one perpetrator, while the other managed to escape.

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