Foreign Currency Worth Millions Captured at Islamabad Airport

Customs officials at Islamabad Airport have foiled an attempt to smuggle foreign currency worth $46,000 to Kuwait.

Sources said that Customs staff posted at Islamabad Airport during clearance of the outbound flight from Islamabad to Muscat intercepted a resident of Rawalpindi at the joint Scanner machine.

The passenger was inquired about the scanned image of the luggage. it was disclosed that the passenger was carrying foreign currency to the tune of $46,000 equivalent to Rs. 12.8 million.

The passenger was asked to produce a legal document as the currency was above the prescribed limits of $5,000. He was neither able to produce any lawful documentary evidence nor offer any admissible justification for carrying such a big volume of foreign currency.

Hence the same was detailed for what documentary evidence/SBP authorization if any. Since the passenger could not produce any documentary evidence, the detention was converted into seizure after approval of competent authority and the recovered currency was seized under section 168 of the Customs Act 1969 for violation of provisions of section 2(s), 16, and 139 of the Customs Act 1969.

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  • 46 thousands dollars? what about billions sent to places like Dubai, UK and Switzerland , etc

  • I am very happy that this man tried to carry 46,000 US$ outside Pakistan. I wish he had carried more and Customs officials were not able to detect his currency. When you have stupid rules in place and separate law for each Pakistani, this has to happen. If I was fortunate enough to possess some foreign currency, I shall do exactly the same. You cannot have one-way traffic – allowing foreign currency just to come in and not to go out. I know what is going on, and who is doing what. As a citizen of Pakistan I condemn such restrictive and discriminatory currency rules in the strongest possible terms. Go to Hell!

    • Its illegal everywhere what u need is to research and then there os always other things u can take out ur furstration

    • You need to take out ur furstration some other ways, this is illegal almost everywhere, salute to customs

  • one should connection the First And then Carry what ever he wants. No questions asked. Law for Elites. Brother.

  • What about 64000 B Rs as loan been wasted by the so called MUTMAIN BEGHARATS among Top Brass of our Country.
    What a shame what a corrupt politicians, judiciary, burecracy, establishment…General Stanley was right in 1917 about the people of this region…history says all…46000 US $ ha ha ha what a joke…CLOWNS characterless RASCALS.
    The first leader we ever had was QUAID AZAM…another came is KHAN…In between all KHUSRAAS

  • Freakin $46000 caught at airport ? Is this supposed to be national news, you morons.

  • What about sending millions of dollars by Special Air planes for high rank Persnalities

  • He forgot to offer some to custom officers otherwise this is a normal practice at every airport. And except law enforcement every other citizen knows that.

  • This is an open challenge to PAK ARMY AND ISI!!! if u have balls, recover the stolen money from Zardari and Sharif family…. But you don’t, you have joined them.. That’s why Pak Army officers now retire in western countries after their “service” aka looting Pakistanis….

  • Sorry to mention here that scanners at Pakistani Airports only works for Poor’s ,it does not sense luggages of elite classes.


  • This country is made for the rich and powerful elite who rule us. For all others there are strict rules

  • That’s good news for our shabaz sheriff the brothers lost quite a lot while still was in power

  • Only 46 thousand dollars it’s very small amount, our politicians take millions of dollars out of the country but poor guy was caught for very small amount

  • Nawaz sharif,Shehbas sharif, Ishaq daar, Zardari, Genral Qamar Bajwa and several PMLN leaders smuggles over Billions of Dollars and Rupees , several times but nobody ever checked them not stopped them.

  • Yes this is very bad. He should have known that! Only Zardari, Nawaz and some senior officers (including B.j.wa) are allowed to take as much foriegn currency out as they want.

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