PFF Seeks Advisory Firms To Conduct Pakistan Premier League

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), recognized by FIFA as the sole governing body of football in Pakistan, has announced a call for reputable advisory firms and consultants to assist in organizing a series of premier football and futsal competitions. This initiative aims to elevate the standard of football and futsal in Pakistan, with a comprehensive approach to managing the competitive bidding process.

The upcoming competitions, which will be held under the PFF banner, include categories for both men and women. Specifically, the events will feature a Men’s Football Championship, a Women’s Football Championship, and a Men’s and Women’s Futsal Championship. To ensure the successful organization of these events, the PFF is seeking firms or consortia with significant expertise in legal, technical, and financial domains.

The selected advisory firm or consultant will be responsible for several key tasks. These include conducting thorough market analysis to identify potential opportunities and stakeholders, organizing pre-bid meetings to maximize bid values through strategic planning and execution, developing financial models and defining relationships between various stakeholders, and evaluating bids to provide final recommendations to the PFF.

Interested firms are invited to express their interest by emailing their intent to by July 08th, 2024. Following this, all interested parties will be invited to a preliminary meeting to discuss the final submission of their technical and financial proposals. The PFF has made it clear that it reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and to annul the selection process without incurring any liability to the participating firms.

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