Form-B No Longer Required for Admission in Islamabad Schools

In a move to support undocumented children from underprivileged communities, government-run schools in Islamabad have removed the requirement of Form-B for admissions.

This change aims to enhance enrollment rates hindered by this prerequisite which disproportionately affects vulnerable children.

Pakistan has around 26 million children who are out of school, despite various government efforts to increase enrollment through initiatives like free meals and textbooks. Education Secretary Mohyuddin Wani announced the policy shift, emphasizing that all children in Islamabad, regardless of documentation, are now eligible for admission to government schools.

Wani explained, “Requiring Form-B for school admissions has unintentionally restricted access to education for many underprivileged and undocumented children. By removing this requirement, we aim to create a more inclusive educational environment.”

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education will begin evening shifts in 51 schools across Islamabad in the next academic session to address overcrowding. Some primary classes currently have more than 50 students, with some reaching almost 100. This measure is part of the effort to manage increased enrollment effectively.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak