Punjab Govt Announces Up to 25% Increase in Salaries

The Punjab government has announced an increase of up to 25 percent in salaries of government employees.

The announcement was made by Punjab Finance Minister Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman while unveiling budgetary proposals for the next fiscal year.

The Punjab government has proposed the same increase in salaries as the federal government i.e. an increase of 25 percent for Grade 1-16 employees while Grade 17-22 employees will get a 20 percent increase in salaries.

Earlier, Punjab cabinet approved the tax free budget for next fiscal year at a meeting presided over by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz in Lahore.


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  • Ordinary salaried class person is paying for the ayaashi of this government class. 25% increase is huge and that too without any performance review. Shameful and nothing else.

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