Kitchen Deli Menu & Review That You Are Looking For

The Complete Kitchen Deli Review & Menu You Are Looking For

Are you tired of trying average burgers that shatter your expectations as soon as you take the first bite? Consider your problem fixed. Kitchen Deli in Islamabad will serve you the finest burgers that you have ever tasted. This restaurant located in Islamabad gives a tough competition to all other fast-food chains. That is because Kitchen Deli knows what a good burger is made of. Along with burgers, this restaurant is also famous for its wraps which are divine. The Kitchen Deli menu gives you a wide range of options for chicken and beef burgers, as well as some wraps and wings options.

Kitchen Deli menu

After introducing themselves at the soul fest, Kitchen Deli, to the delight of the customers decided to open a branch in Islamabad. After their opening, they have become one of the top recommendations for burgers in the capital. The staff at the outlet is quite efficient as you will seldom find anyone complaining about their service. The Swiss Mushroom burger by Kitchen Deli is the most popular among customers. The burger is prepared using the finest quality beef which is combined with caramelized onions and drool-worthy burger cheese. The other items on the Kitchen Deli menu are as tempting as this burger and you can take our word on that.


Here is the complete Kitchen Deli menu along with prices. If you live in Islamabad, this place is worth a try!


Beef Burgers.

Chicken Burgers.



Add Ons.


Beef Burgers

Beef BurgersPrice
Lieutenant Bobson475/-
Pickle Meister525/-
Swiss Mushroom599/-
Gun Shot550/-
Double Bobson619/-

Chicken Burgers

Chicken BurgersPrice
El Matador475/-
El Pickle525/-
Shroom n Swiss599/-
Top Gun550/-
Crunch Meister399/-


La Arabia349/-


Honey BBQ349/-

Add Ons

Add OnsPrice
Extra Cheese50/-
Jalapeno Peppers50/-
Caramelized Onion50/-
Curly Fries249/-
Honey BBQ Strips349/-
Extra Patty149/-
Onion Rings249/-
Onion Rings in Burger80/-


Soft Drink75/-
Amazonian Lemonade249/-
Kitchen Deli

What Is Kitchen Deli Famous For

Kitchen Deli is very popular among the Islamabad locals for its luscious burgers that simply have no comparison. The restaurant is particularly famous for its Swiss Mushroom and Gun Shot beef burgers. The flamed and grilled patties combined with the most delicious, aromatic sauces and wrapped in the softest buns will sweep you off of your feet!

Does Kitchen Deli Deliver

Kitchen Deli does offer a home delivery service in most areas of Islamabad. For placing an order or for any other information that you may require, you can call on the following phone number.

Kitchen Deli Islamabad, Phone Number: 0336 4088885

How Many Outlets Does Kitchen Deli Have

Kitchen Deli has only one outlet which is located in F-7, Islamabad. The complete address of the restaurant is mentioned below.

Kitchen Deli Islamabad, Address: Street 3, F-7/3, Islamabad.

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